Learn HTML By Example v.1.05

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Learn HTML By Example is a sweet little JavaScript / HTML program that allows you to see the HTML you input into on side displayed as a web page on the other. To install the program, just download it from Web Design Factory, and upload it to your web site. It is a great addition to any web design-related web site, especially ones with tutorials.

Learn HTML By Example Features

  • Easy installation. Just upload to your web site and you're done!
  • Immediate feedback on testing HTML and CSS code
  • Several examples of commonly used HTML and CSS elements
  • No page refreshing required
  • Easy to expand by adding new examples

Learn HTML By Example Requirements

The simple installation requires nothing but 11 KB of space on your hosting account. However, the advanced installation, which enables a user to save their code temporarily, requires the PHP be enabled on the server.

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