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Ever wanted your own web counter program on your web site? Tired of the same old stale web counter designs? The Ultimate Web Counter is really just that. Add it your your web site with a simple uplaod, and your web site visitors can then go to your site whenever they want a counter. The Ultimate Web Counter is everything your visitors would want from a counter. There's over 130 different high-quality designs to choose from, and counter users can se the starting count for their counter (invaluable if you want a web page to look established).

Ultimate Web Counter Features

  • Easy installation. Just upload to your web site and you're done!
  • Over 130 quality styles to choose from!
  • Counter users can choose the starting count
  • Users can select whether to count all visitors, or just unique visitors
  • No log in required to use, no page refreshing required. It's as usable as it gets!
  • Counters are remotely hosted, so no extra bandwidth is required

Ultimate Web Counter Requirements

Just about 700 KB in hard drive space.

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