Free Web Counter FAQs

1. Instead of my counter, I see an image that says "If your counter should be here, please read...". What happened?

There are two main things that can go wrong with the counter that will make it disappear like that:

  1. You have altered the code in some way, or
  2. You have tested the code out on a local server, or online web site builder

If 1) is what happened, just re-generate the code and paste it in as-is. If 2) is what ails you, you just need to build your site, and then upload the page to the site with the counter before previewing it on your local machine, or online if you are working with an online site builder. If either of these happen, go ahead and send us the URL that caused the counter to no longer work. We will try to add it into our code so that it no longer causes the breakdown of the counter.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

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